Welcome to Zen Eyes Solutions!

Zen Eyes Solutions has one main goal in mind. We aim to combine technology with customer service. Not only are we here to assist with the usual computer ailments – slowness and malware (virus-type stuff) – but we also want you to feel comfortable asking any questions, regardless of how silly you may think the question is. After all, the only way to learn is to ask, and we promise to break down the answers into "plain English." Nobody wants to hear jargon from a know-it-all.

Services we offer include, but aren't necessarily limited to:

  • Software support, including malware removal. Windows and Mac.
  • Photo restorations (done by our very own Jim Weaver).
  • Audio transfers from old cassette tapes.
  • Training
  • Voice overs

Don't see it listed above? Just ask. If it's something we can do, we will. If not, maybe we can point you in the right direction!

Please use the menu at the top to learn more about each service and thanks for visitng Zen Eyes Solutions!